Cont. This part will describing setup of the Scratch and connecting iPhone.

NVM setup

1. NVM Install

Server/HTTPD setup

1. Additional packages and httpd install

Scratch setup

1. Download scratch source code from, click [clone or download] -> [Download zip] -> [Save File] -> [OK]

2. unzip and install

Server settings and port open

Setup done

Access to: from Safari on your MacBook.

Wi-Fi Access Point setup

1. Connect to iPhone with USB cable

2. Personal Hotspot enable on the iPhone

3. Enable Internet sharing

– go to [System Preference] -> [Sharing]

– select [Share your connection from:] “Wi-Fi”

– select [To computers using:] “iPhone USB”

– click “Internet Sharing” -> [Start]

– Network icon will be changed 

VirtualBox VM reboot

1. VM Power off (If it’s running)

2. Network Adapter should be changed

– Adapter 1 and 2 is disable

– Adapter 3 should be changed to Bridge Adapter and Name is set to the “iPhone USB” -> [OK]

3. VirtualBox [Start] -> Memo IP Address “170.20.10.XX”

All setup done.

1. Connect to the “MacBook” over Wi-FI from other PCs.

2. Open “170.20.10.XX” by Internet Browser from other PCs.

Go to: Setup Scratch 3.0 server on the VirtualBox, CentOS, for macOS – 1/2