JICA Tokyo held an event on September 10th at JICA Tokyo International Center.

I didn’t notice how close JICA Tokyo International Centre from my company! I was able to know about this event from on the Facebook of AfriMedico company. It is thanks to an entrepreneur seminar in Africa.

Session.1 Panel discussion with 3 internship students by ABE(The African Business Education Initiative for youth) Initiative

Session.2 Japanese Movie “Lion stand against the wind”

Session.3 Get-together with JICA Internship members


In the Get-together with JICA Internship members, I talked with the Internship-member from Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria. In Nigeria, the film industry being prosperous. But the animation is restrictive. After a TICAD-VI, Facebook CEO visited Nigeria to boost/encourage IT Industry, it caused increase of business opportunity. Rwanda is a landlocked country, Import and export industry is difficult, therefor, investment in IT is very aggressive.  IT business has continuously many opportunities. IT Skills/Infrastructure is needed in various Industries in Tanzania, but people who have knowledge of  IT does not so much for now.

So, how to increase IT training is an one of a concerns.

In the panel discussion, Ms.Moroka Wedu said that in a future ambition; “to share various information” is very important;  In the times of the Internet, as for the importance of seeing it directly, and hearing it, and feeling it, it will go without saying.

Seeing is believing