The Republic of Botswana located at south of the African Continent was independent from the U.K. in 1966, and this year becomes the turning point of 50 years. In this point, the photo exhibition titled “Botswanan 50 years to be spelled in a photograph” is held at a Botswanan embassy.

Republic of Botswana Embassy is one room of the building which around ten minutes on foot from JR Mita Station. Folk-crafts displaying.

A photograph is displayed along the wall of the passage. From independence day to various tribal colorful photographs, and animals of big 5 are wonderful. Above all, the giraffe in the setting sun is impressive.

I took some handbills put near the reception desk. First one is:  Chobe marathon 2016. Marathon in Botswana?

Ito-san who is working in Botswana, JICA senior volunteer, gathered fund by using crowd funding. All you can see in this page. It’s great!

Another handbill is invitation of Global Expo 2016 Botswana.

As $110/ square meter, a minimum are 9 square meters, in Complete Stand, I seem to be able to borrow space from $ 990. This event included most types of industries. By the way, a Botswanan official language is the English language. So, Why don’t you join that?