Oxwall  is the most popular SNS framework that using PHP was developed as a project of Skalfa LLC. This is a supplementary explanation of the “Plugin Development Crash Course”. Check it out.

* This tutorial doesn’t include explanation of background and detail of codes. Please refer original tutorials.

1. Setup CentoOS-7 on the VirtualBox see this.

* You should be changed to the name of user account like “oxwall”.

2. Install packages to running the Oxwall

2.1 PHP/HTTP install

2.2 MySQL install

* Please Note: Password “o6K;lud#>kGa” is needed to setup MySQL. Then New password setup, Remove Anonymous users, Disallow root login remotely, Remove test database and access to it, Reload privilege tables now.

2.3 HTTP setup

151 AllowOverride All

7 SELINUX=disabled

2.4 Reboot

2.5 Now,  You can access to the http server from Safari.

3. Oxwall install/setup

3.1 Download and unzip

14 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(^/phpMyAdmin/)

3.1 MySQL database setup, access to, login as root

3.2 Create MySQL DB, [New ] -> Name:”oxwall_db” Collation: utf8_general_ci -> [Create]

3.3 Restart HTTP

3.4 Access to the

3.5 Fill out Site info appropriately

3.6 Fill out database info

3.6 Copy and paste code replacing the existing one into ow_includes/config.php file.

3.7 Cron settings, then [CONTINUE]

*/1 * * * * /bin/php /var/www/html/ow_cron/run.php

3.7 Remove install folder, then page refresh.

4. Next step is the Oxwall tutorial’s tutorial

4.1 Get Developer key, Go to Oxwall Store

– Sign up *Free

– Get Developer Key, [STORE] -> [DEVELOPER TOOL], Copy “Your Developer Key”.

4.3 Create Plugin files , and files initialize.

4.4 Plugin installation

– Go to Admin area → Plugins → Available Plugins. Click Install on your new plugin.

4.5 Creating a page

– Access to

– Input appropriate. -> [CONTINUE]

– Access to

* If you wish to make localization, go to

4.6 Page routing

– Set the routing

– Access to

– Adds a link into the bottom menu.

– Go to [Installed plugins] page, then deactivate Crash Course and Re-activate Crash Course. Now, you can see a link in bottom menu.

4.7 Using forms

 – Adds code into the crash.php

 – Create a view

– Create view for the sent

4.8 Cache clear * If you don’t clear the cache, modified pages are not reflected.

– Go to https://developers.oxwall.com/store/item/579

– Download plugin

– FTP enable/setup for to upload plugin.



– Plugin upload, [Add new] -> [Choose file] -> “Casheextreme.zip” -> [UPLOAD]

– FTP info input, host:, Login: root, Password: ****, -> [ENTER]

– Install plugin

– Cache clear, [Installed Plugin] -> Cache Extreme -> [SETTINGS] -> [CLEAN IT UP]


– Access to

4.9 Using database

– Adds files for database

4.10 Creating Settings page in Admin area

 – Create the admin.php

– Create the admin_dept.html

– Cache clear

– [Installed plugin] -> Crash Course -> [UNINSTALL]

– [Available plugin] -> Crash Course -> [INSTALL]

– Access to

– Modify controllers/crash.php

– Access to

– Adds SETTING button

– Cache clear

– [Installed plugin] -> Crash Course -> [UNINSTALL]

– [Available plugin] -> Crash Course -> [INSTALL]

– [Installed plugin] -> Crash Course -> [SETTINGS]


Done 😃