Easy to create if you use Static Cell. Also It can include UISwitch and UISegmentedControl and so on. This is sample for memorandum.

1. Create New project (File -> New -> Project -> Single View Application)

Embed the Navigation Controller into initial ViewController. (Editor -> Embed in -> Navigation Controller), after that an item-button embed into toolbar for connecting UITableViewController.

2. Add UITableViewController sub class

Table View Controller added into I.B(Interface Builder) from Object Library. Connects a segue between item-button and UITableViewController sub class.

3. Create a Static Table View

Default view is dynamic cells. So, content type has changed to Static Cells. In this sample, two groups, and each group has one cell. Upper cell has a UISwitch, and below has a UISegmentedControl.

4. Create a UITableViewController Sub Class

File -> New -> File -> Cocoa Touch Class -> UITableViewController

5. Connects @IBOutlet, @IBAction to UITableViewController sub class

Unlike the Dynamic Cell, each object connects direct to UITableViewController sub class.

6. Finally, add some code.

Sample code is here.