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How to record simultaneously microphone and player with AVAudioEngine, Swift 3.0

For instance, like Karaoke. In case of synchronized recording and playing audio. It is possible to realized by using AVAudioEngine. All source code is here. By using mixer node, you can add more inputs. Customize it yourself. Enjoy. Check it out.

New: Speech To Text – vTXT – iOS Application

New iOS Application vTXT has been released. It enables you to transcript from Speech. Maximum time to transcript is available 120 minutes at one time. Speech is recording in simultaneously at MP3 audio and can playback after transcripts done.

How to create an account: Speech-To-Text (IBM® Bluemix®)

The IBM® Watson Speech to Text service uses speech recognition capabilities to convert Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Mandarin speech into text.

iOS10: PCM Down sampling

To solve this issue, spent over one week. AVAudioEngine inputNode(Mic) sampling rate is fixed at 44100 Hz. But I wanted to get the 16000 Hz PCM data. Code is simple. I used AVAudioConverter in installtap. Code is here.  

Exhausted: WordPress/Simple Calendar API-Key

Today, Installed Simple calendar which enable Google calendar in WordPress site. It’s happend on admin page of Simple Calendar settings. I put API-Key into Google API Key field and Save changes. But Never saved! Did again and again. Never. First, I check this link carefully and do that. Troubleshooting Theme, Plugin and Widget Conflicts But same result. Second, Enable WP_DEBUG and DEBUG_LOG in wp-config.php to check what is going on. Here is logs. [27-Jan-2017 04:30:13 UTC] PHP Warning: Illegal string offset ‘google’ in /www/wp-content/plugins/google-calendar-events/includes/abstracts/admin-page.php on line 186 [27-Jan-2017 04:30:13 UTC] PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in /www/wp-content/plugins/google-calendar-events/includes/abstracts/admin-page.php on line 186 What’s happening? My another dev site which also installed Simple …

2017 Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Here in Japan, we were able to start New Year off comfortably with good weather. Well, It is 2nd year since we launched our company, but there are still many issues to be solved. In 2017 we will strive to deliver new value while solving each of these issues one by one. We appreciate your continuous support and patronage of everyone. Have a great new year! Tadashi Iizuka CEO UBUNIFU Incorporated

Global Expo Botswana 2016 Day-3

I’m writting this at Hotel. Today is the Day-3 of the Global Expo Botswana 2016. There are many visitor coming our booth. It’s very thankful. Especially, Many entrepreneurs were coming and sharing their thoughts. It was great. Tomorrow is last day. I’m looking forward to seeing at booth.

Global Expo Botswana 2016

We are pleased to announce that UBUNIFU Incorporated are going to participate in an exhibition, Global Expo Botswana 2016, held in Gaborone Botswana in November 23-26. “It might be able to unlock enormous power If we use the IT/IoT as tools. from education to creation. There are many opportunity in Botswana and also other Africa. I believe that this exhibition becomes one step of the new value creation.” Tadashi Iizuka, CEO (*) http://www.globalexpo.co.bw

AVAudioEngine Reverb On/Off

When AVAudioEngine Reverb.bypass set to the false, Audio-signal has been muted. Why? This is one of the alternative code. Part of reverb on/off Sample code is here

Use case of the Static Cell with Swift 3.0

Easy to create if you use Static Cell. Also It can include UISwitch and UISegmentedControl and so on. This is sample for memorandum.

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